Trademarks, Pelotons, and Heart Attacks: The Sex in the City Trifecta

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During my years as an intellectual property lawyer, I have gathered a collection of NSFW cases in a folder labeled You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

As discussed in my latest “lawyer” post (linked below), those cases include:

  1. A copyright dispute between the makers of two competing farting dolls–yes, dolls that fart;
  2. A lollipop company that sought to register the trademark for a sucker it hoped to sell to fans of the South Carolina Game Cocks (yes, you can probably guess the trademark for that sucker): and
  3. Groucho Marx’s brilliant response to a demand letter from Warner Bros., owner of the rights in the movie Casablanca, over the Marx Brothers’ film A Night in Casablanca.

Ah, but the recent Peloton brouhaha over what can best be described as the Product Placement from Hell deserves pride of place in my folder.

Hope you enjoy! Here is the link.

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